The Pet Bow-Tique is a pet grooming salon in Oviedo, FL that takes pride in providing professional results with as little as a day's notice due to our staff of several certified, caring pet grooming professionals.

We understand that pet grooming is both a profession and an art.

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Firefighters and police officers always receive a 10% discount in appreciation for the fine care they gave to my mother, Nita, before she passed away.

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Book your next appointment before leaving and receive $5.00 OFF that appointment! (appointment must be kept or rescheduled 2 days before or 2 days after original appointment or discount will be void)

Referrals Pay!

The greatest compliment you can give us at The Pet Bow-Tique is to trust us with your friends and family. We want to return the favor. For every referral, we will give you a $10 discount toward your next grooming or boarding reservation. Please ask your friends and family to let us know when they book that you referred them.

Pet Grooming & Dog Grooming in Oviedo

Grooming is about so much more than just the appearance of your pet!

At The Pet Bow-Tique, we take the health and well-being of your pet as seriously as we take their appearance. Dawn Blackmore, the owner, understands canine behavior, skin problems, common ailments and other issues that can affect your pet's health and can offer suggestions about possible treatment options.

The Grooming Process > What to Expect

At The Pet Bow-Tique, we use a four-step process that combines professional care with personalized, loving attention for your pet.

1. Assessment & Dematting

We will check your pet for mats, tangles, skin lesions, ear infections and general coat condition in order to determine the best shampoo to use. If your pet is matted, we will notify you if the charge will exceed $10 additional or if we feel he or she needs to be shaved. Dematting is an additional fee of $25 per hour - but, keep in mind that this can be very uncomfortable - therefore, we will not put your pet through any pain.

2. Prepping & Rough Clipping

During this phase, your pet's ears will be plucked if needed, tummy, tush, and pads of feet will be trimmed of hair and the toenails will be trimmed. For an additional $3.00, we can smooth your pets nails with the Dremel tool to prevent potential scratching and snagging of the nails. Lastly, your pet will be clipped to your specifications. And then onto the bath!

3. Spa Session

Here is where your pet is truly pampered! Lathered up and scrubbed down with a wonderful shampoo formula for his or her skin and fur type, rinsed thoroughly, conditioner and/or medicated shampoo will be applied as needed or on request, and fluff drying by one of our bathers wraps up this relaxing phase of the grooming process. We use only cool air dryers for comfort and safety.

4. Finishing Touches

The final touches will be put on your pet, including touch-ups to the cut, and accessories are added to give your pet his completed look. We include a wonderful array of canine colognes and perfumes, as well as adorable bows and bandanas, unless otherwise requested. Once your pet is finished we'll call and let you know your pet may be be picked up. However, we'll take good care of your baby until 6:00, if needed. We will always go above and beyond to ensure that your pet feels like a million bucks when he steps out of our salon! This is just a test for styling and links.

Every grooming session includes:

  • Bathing
    (medicated, if needed)
  • Fluffing
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Gland Expression
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Styled Cut

Your Grooming Options

We offer all breed specific cuts and an array of functional pet cuts for your furry friends. We also offer the option of nails trimming with the Dremel tool, which we recommend to all of our pet owners, as well as a selection of shampoos, conditioners and colognes. Because of the variation in options, we quote each pet's grooming session individually.

We can only give an estimate prior to grooming your pet "in person."

We can, however, promise you that we will not try to sell you fluff or gimmicks like facials or "paw waxing." We only provide services that make sense at a reasonable price. After years of working with pets and their owners, we have discovered that two extras that are worth the price are our aroma rinses, which make the fur smell fantastic for days after their bath, and our Hydro-Surge Therapy, a wonderful treatment that treats a number of skin problems.

Hydro-Surge Therapy

Does your pet suffer from dry, itchy skin or skin allergies? Then try our Hydro-Surge Therapy with medicated shampoo, recommended by veterinary dermatologists to treat many canine skin disorders. It gently exfoliates dead skin, increases blood circulation in localized areas and aids in follicular flushing. Regular scheduled hydro-surge therapeutic baths are recommended to improve chronic skin problems and make your pet more comfortable. You'll notice a huge difference! It is also great to reduce shedding! We do offer full-service baths for those that do not need haircuts.

Our Cage Policy

At The Pet Bow-Tique, we do use cages to some extent. For safety reasons, pets should never be allowed to run loose in a grooming shop. It puts them, as well as people, at risk (i.e. electric cords, getting loose on a busy road, bit by another dog, as well as spread of parasites or virus). Your pet will not be confined for long stretches of time (we have them at our grooming table, in the tub, and on a fluffing table, they are always on the go). Our goal is to protect your pet's health and safety in all situations. If you have any questions about our cage policy, please feel free to ask us.

"Great place I have been bringing my dogs here for about 2+ years they are amazing!!!! My dogs love it there and always come back well taken care of! They also have a boarding location that I have used and will never board anywhere else! It's at their home and my dogs come back just as healthy and safe I love it!"

Amanda H. (Yelp Review)

"Wonderful service! Buddy loves to come for his grooming. Everyone is so friendly and caring - he loves the attention. When I pick Buddy up he is so happy, sparkling and smelling so nice."

Pamela Karel (Facebook Review)

"I refuse to take [my dog] anywhere else but Pet Bowtique. This cute little place is always clean, inside and out. There are never any bad odors and the products for sale are always top notch. The service has been impeccable too . . . Honestly amazing service - thank you!"

Linnette G. (Yelp Review)

"Love the staff at the boutique. We've moved from Oviedo to New Smyrna Beach but still continue to drive an hour to go to the pet boutique. They do a great job and when the pups stay at the Plantation it's great to know they'll be groomed prior to us picking them up."

Edith C. (Yelp Review)

"Best Groomers in Oviedo. If you want to find people who care and love animals then this is the place."

NJ Costanzo (Foursquare Review)

We're all a big happy family !

Feel free to visit us any time for a tour with your pets and get to know our staff! We are the happiest, friendliest, professional pet grooming and pet boarding service in the area.

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